Adam Taylor

Managing Director

Adam started his career as a qualified trader and broker at the International Petroleum Exchange in London managing the Broking operations for Gelderman Inc. in the early 1990s. After a couple of years, he then moved into the software business and was the Global Head of sales for the oil & gas division for Tibco Inc. in Silicon Valley, and sold Tibco's integrated transactional management trading system to the major global oil companies around the world.
After 5 years he then joined Microstrategy, a relational database company, as global head of sales for their finance and oil division selling their database solution worldwide and was responsible for major corporations’ sales.
In 1998 he then started his own Hedge Fund which was solely focused on trading index options on the FTSE index, and was responsible for creating trading strategies and implementing the trades. He ran this successfully for 10 years, where his biggest success was calling the 2008 financial crisis and returning huge profits to his clients. Adam then continued to manage his own money daily and a small number of private clients perfecting his options strategy and continued to work as a consultant until 2017.
He then joined Black Legend Capital as a Managing Director based in the U.K. He is responsible for developing new client business in Europe, M&A opportunities, and corporate lending for private and public clients. His focus is mainly on technology companies although he is very savvy on many other industries.
Adam has a very comprehensive knowledge of the U.S. debt markets and structuring strategic partnerships.