George Matin


Mr. Matin is a Co-Founder of OFS Capital Asia and has been involved in M&A transactions in the excess of $250M. He’s currently an Advisor at Black Legend Capital, where he is responsible for advising and structuring of public companies. Mr. Matin is also leading Amherst Capital, which specializes in EB5 funding.
Mr. Matin has been an investment banker/entrepreneur since mid 90s. He was the co-founder of TCI, a global telecommunication company in Voice and Data with sales reaching $100M by late 90s. He was also an investor and banker for Nash Nutritional Prods, which is a dietary and nutritional company in the Long-Term Healthcare Industry such as Nursing Homes and Assisted Living. The Company was listed on the American Exchange and later on broken up and sold to major pharmaceutical companies.
Mr. Matin was instrumental in funding Telegen Display Labs (TDL) in 1996, the first AMLCD Flat Screen technology. He played a crucial role in raising $25M for TDL. The company was later listed on Nasdaq SC and sold to Marconi Electronics of UK prior to the Dotcom melt down.
In addition, Mr. Matin and his partner ran a Micro-Cap fund from Early 90s to 2004 and funded many Pubcos in the micro-cap space to the tune of $200M. Among the sectors that Mr. Matin has been involved are Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Food Sustainability, High Tech and currently Real Estate Roll Ups.
Mr. Matin is a graduate of University of Southern California with the degree in Industrial Systems Engineering and minor in Business Administration.