Ila Nicholson

Managing Director

Ila Nicholson is the Managing Director of Black Legend Capital Commodity Trading. She is responsible for creating the trading platform within BLC that facilitates oil & gas fuel transactions globally between refineries and select large-scale clients.
Ila is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Harmony Global Waters LLC, a sustainable premium bottled water start-up based in United States. Since its inception in 2011, she has built HGWs business model, executive team and initiated the acquisition of a now defunct water brand Chaine Cotiere. She has done substantial research on the water industry and hydrology for the past 10 years.       
From 2008-2010, she worked in intellectual property valuation, researched patterns of investing for innovation and valuation, and sourced investors for an integrated, comprehensive system designed for companies and individuals to capture, protect, license, value and monetize their innovation. 
Ms. Nicholson also has a background in online search technology and corporate marketing.  She has worked with internet analytics utilizing comprehensive search engines. She has created and executed results-based online campaigns for a wide range of companies from small size to Fortune 500, producing ROI over 200%. She is active in advising, seeding and placement of technology and social media start-up companies.  
Ila speaks English, French & Spanish, and holds a BSc in Economics with a minor in International Relations from the University of Buckingham, UK.