"I have known Claudia Della Mora for almost 10 years.  As an investment banker she has always been indefatigable but professional in helping me raise money for my oil and gas projects.  We have worked closely together on projects in Kentucky, with Navitas Land and Mineral, Colorado with Running Foxes Petroleum and California with North American Oil and Gas and Soda Creek Exploration. 

She and the Black Legend Capital team are extremely knowledgeable in the energy sector and have co-invested in several development opportunities alongside oil and gas operating companies. I have always found her to be straight forward, hardworking and, most importantly, scrupulously honest."

Robert Hoar
Chief Geoscientist at American Patriot Oil and Gas Inc.

"Claudia is a seasoned financial professional who has that rare distinction of formal training and entrepreneurialism. Although trained as an investment banker, she has also undertaken operational roles in oil and gas. I would recommend Claudia in a deal driven role where an ability to manage the complex mix of commercial and personality types is required plus an ability to close based on her intuitive grasp of the issues and desired outcomes."

Martin Heath
CEO at Seed Innovation Lab

"Claudia Della Mora is one of the most professional and proficient people I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. During her work on Pit Bull Energy she has been very results-oriented and strives to exceed her clients' expectations. I would strongly recommend her and her firm, Black Legend Capital, to anyone looking for one or all of the services she and Black Legend offers. Without a doubt, I will always turn to Claudia first when I need anything related to corporate finance, strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions consulting."

Demetrius Ford
Entrepreneur, Business Development and Investor Relations at Pit Bull Energy Products

"I cannot recommend Claudia Della Mora enough for anyone who is seeking a professional, exceptionally qualified and experienced corporate finance expert. Claudia Della Mora was my colleague at Bank of America where she worked for the M&A division in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We spent 10 weeks in a training program run by BofA in New York together and I was so impressed with Claudia's hard work ethics and wealth of corporate finance knowledge that I have always got in touch with her when I had corporate finance inquires with the US angle. Even when we both left BofA, we kept close professional relationship and she was also my first point of advice on corporate funding issues. She was instrumental in introducing the right contacts for businesses I worked for, her network is exceptionally strong and everyone I met was in awe from this intelligent, driven and hard working woman with top notch skills and ethics. We also attended WEF in Davos together where I also learned about the other side of Claudia Della Mora - her interest and great effort she puts in philanthropy and charity work with young people. The world simply needs more people like Claudia!"

Janna Goncharova
Advising tech start-ups on fundraising and M&A; prior: VP Investment Management at Rocket Internet GmbH

"Claudia is one of the most dynamic people I have met in the business. Her and Black Legend Capital’s reach are vast spanning several continents. Her experience is extensive. As her client, she has been quick to provide results. I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism. I would recommend her to anyone."

Steven Christmann
President and CEO at The ChristmannGutermann Family Office

"It is my pleasure to recommend Claudia Della Mora to whichever organization or individual has the privilege of working with her.

Passionate, committed, tenacious, creative, tireless, ethical, exceptional...all of them are descriptors that Claudia embodies and embraces to a high degree. In her leadership of Black Legend Capital, she has demonstrated time and again the outstanding qualities that have made her a respected and successful investment banker and a sought-after advisor in complex transactions. Her global perspective - honed by years of experience in challenging environments - have added value and insight to every one of the engagements she has led for Black Legend Capital and the other firms where she has capably executed advisory, investment and M&A activities. You won't find a more visionary and strategic individual in the investment community, and someone who not only leads with intellect, but is capable and willing to execute with resourcefulness and boundless energy."

Timothy Sheehy
Senior Director Digital Strategies Group, Media & Entertainment, at Mindtree Inc.

"Claudia Della Mora is passionate about her work at Black Legend Capital and shows an exceptional level of energy and enthusiasm in serving her clients. She combines strong technical knowledge with creative decision-making to make deals happen. More importantly, she is a very honest, resilient and reliable woman, and it is a pleasure working with her and the Black Legend Capital team."

David Kratochvil
Chief Financial Officer at VolitionRx

"Claudia Della Mora is one of the most knowledgeable, articulate and focused people I have worked with. Her insight to the M&A market is second to none. Claudia has a keen ability to not only find first rate deals, but to also spot the next hot industry to focus on. Perhaps the thing that sets her apart is her honesty, you will never be unsure of where she stands on an issue."

Jason Siskel
Business Development Consultant at Hedge Connection

"I have known and worked with Claudia Della Mora since we were both in the analyst class at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Claudia is an extremely committed and hardworking person, and would do everything it takes to achieve her client’s goals. I have always been impressed by her tenacity and how she overcame odds and adversity to get to where she is. She is a reliable colleague and a loyal friend whom you can always count on. Claudia has strong work ethics and honesty, traits highly treasured by the financial industry."

Kaiming Chiang
Investment Manager at Malaysian Family Office

"Claudia Della Mora is one of the brightest, hardworking and most ethical people I have worked with.

She is extremely articulate and during her tenor at OFS headed a number of M&A activities in Oil & Gas, Mining and Consumer Products sectors.

She is the most detailed oriented banker I have worked with and has traveled the entire globe attending financial and investment banking forums & conferences.

In the past 6 years she has assisted many of our clients with their financial models/valuations to their complete satisfaction, I'll never hesitate to refer our clients or work on projects with her due to her hard working & ethical nature.

This is why I decided to join Black Legend Capital Group recently."

George Matin
Partner at OFS Capital Group; Managing Director at Black Legend Capital