"I hired Claudia Della Mora and her team at Black Legend Capital to lead the financing side of our company Start Development International (SDI), which is a real estate roll up of luxury assets going public.

She and the Black Legend Capital team are extremely knowledgeable in the real estate and hospitality sector, and it has been a pleasure working side by side with them. SDI would love to continue seeing Claudia involved in our company even as a CFO role. She is extremely honest, dependable and very well respected in her field."

Carolina Keimig
COO at Start Development International and Owner / CEO at Ba-Haus/Knf

"I had the pleasure to cross path with Claudia Della Mora and the Black Legend Capital team a few years ago. Claudia is very knowledgeable, articulate, and excellent at what she does. However, what impressed me the most about Claudia are her charisma, her stamina and her high ethical standards. I would definitely recommend Claudia to anybody who is in need of a professional in financial services."

Managing Director at Bardi Co. LLC

"I met Claudia Della Mora two years ago at the Milken Institute where I am a Young Leaders Circle member. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, passion, and incredible drive. As I got to know Claudia better, I was equally impressed by her desire to make a difference in the philanthropy world on a global level with issues that affect, youth, women, and girls. I share her vision and passion as someone who has been a global leader in youth development and advocacy and for girls and women worldwide in my current position as the Refounder, President and CEO of the Academy of Business Leadership and my role for 11 years on the Harvard Kennedy School Women's Leadership Board. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone in the philanthropy sector looking to collaborate with a seasoned professional who will easily transfer her exceptional capital raising skills in investment banking and the private sector to raise funds (and/or be the face of) for any well-heeled non-profit organization, NGO, and/or foundation. Claudia has extensive experience dealing with high net worth individuals and discerning investors through her work as Managing Director and Co-Founder of Black Legend Capital. Similarly, Claudia has the heart, sincere caring, humility, and pleasant personality to connect in meaningful ways with the stakeholders of charities and foundations (and the recipients of services) with equal professionalism as she has been doing with the stakeholders of the major companies that she has been working with. She is resilient, bright, talented, and capable of quickly assessing a situation and coming up with positive solutions to any complex problem. She is a delight to know and a trusted friend to work with."

Anna Ouroumian
Refounder, President & CEO at Academy of Business Leadership

"I've had the great fortune of being introduced to Claudia Della Mora as she was completing her studies. She proved both to a be brilliantly intelligent and dynamic individual and marvelous and focused academic, excelling in her studies at Berkeley, which she seamlessly transitioned in current career.

She has always provided honest advice and thoughtful insight in the projects in which we were and are involved. I've found her ability to analyze and develop strategies that prove the beneficial for the client simply amazing. She is currently assisting my group in the development of a global based VR (virtual reality) studio startup, which I would be a loss without her guidance.

In additional she goes beyond simple opportunistic ideals, with her development and support of philanthropy for those less fortunate. I can only hope to meet other such talented, truthful, resourceful, and experienced professionals. I offer my highest recommendations."

Darnell Williams
Creative Director at Elektrashock Inc.