ARD German TV - December 2022

"Canna-Business: "Gras" wird legal-wer macht das große Geld?"

  • Nico Schmolke, Journalist

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MJBizCon in Las Vegas - November 2022

"Emerging Markets Deep Dive: Funding the Global Supply Chain"

  • Julian Wilches, Chief Regulatory Officer at Clever Leaves
  • Chris Day, CEO at Gateway Proven Strategies
  • William Muecke, Managing Member at Artemis Growth Partners

MJBizCon Las Vegas

International Cannabis Business Conference in Croatia - September 2022

"Raising Capital At The Global Level - Obtaining Investments from International Cannabis Industry Funders"

ICBC Croatia

The Cannabis Expo 2022 in Durban – July 2022

“Medical Cannabis – Learning from the Global Market”

  • Jeff Verlinden, Separations
  • Dr. Regina Hurley, TruLeaf
  • Robin Koehorst, AessenseGrows
  • Kyle Brocklebank, THC Africa

The Cannabis Expo South Africa

The Business Year Special Report - 2022

"Medical Cannabis Latin America Article"

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International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin - July 2022

"History Of The Relationship Between The Capital Markets And Cannabis And M&A In The Global Markets"

  • Lisa Haag, Founder, MJ_Universe
  • Ria Green, Founder and CEO of Green Media and iCannaLink

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International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin - July 2022

"What Are The Differences Between US And Global Strategies For Investment And Operations?"

  • Marcus Moser, MB & Partner, Zurich und Moser Consulting
  • Jamie Pearson, President & CEO, Bhang Inc.
  • David Traylor, Senior Managing Director, Golden Eagle Partners
  • Nikolaas Faes, Senior Research analyst, Garnier & Co.

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Startup Extreme 2022 in Norway – April 2022

"How Technology can Accelerate the Global Cannabis Market"

  • Erik Holling, CEO & Founder – C-END
  • Sigfried Legeay, CFO & Co-Founder – Canxchange

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The Cannabis Expo 2022 in Cape Town – March 2022

“Investing in Cannabis and Hemp – Risks and Opportunities” “Medical Cannabis – Learning from the Global Market”

  • Shiksha Gallow, Board Member, Society of Cannabis Clinicians
  • Jeff Verlinden, Pharmaceutical & Cannabis Specialist, Separations
  • Kristin de Jager, Director, Que Analytics
  • Anthonv Cohen, Managing Director, Elixinol
  • Pierre van der Hoven, CEO, Silver Leaf Investments
  • Wesley Young, Director, Bio Leaf Technologies
  • Rozayne Malyo, Project Coordinator, Think Green Consulting

Global Cannabis Network Collective Board Announcement – February 2022

“John Kagia and Claudia Della Mora join Advisory Board of Global Cannabis Network Collective”

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NCIA’s 7th Annual Cannabis Business Summit and CannaVest in San Francisco – December 2021

“Cannabis Reform And Opportunities Around the Globe”

  • Omar Khan, Senior Vice President – Corporate and Public Affairs, High Tide
  • Robert Hoban, Cannabis Practice Group and Member, Clark Hill

CannabiSalud Panel in Mexico – November 2021

“Capital Opportunities for Women Owned Cannabis Companies”

  • Giadha DeCarcer, Founder, New Frontier Data
  • Christi McAdams, CEO, Global Cannabis Industry Networking Group

Alternative Investing Forum in Las Vegas - October 2021

“Investor Judge”

International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich - September 2021

“Successful Investors Financing European and International Projects”

  • Daniel Maman, Partner, Teqa Capital
  • Carey Kurtin, Principal, In Colour Capital
  • Tim Feike, CEO, WEECO

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National Cannabis Association Blog – August 2021

“Cannabis Commoditization”

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Global Brands Awards – July 2021

Best M&A Advisory - Cannabis Industry

National Cannabis Association Blog – July 2021

“Cannabis Legalization in Mexico”

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Benzinga Article – August 2021

“Black Legend Capital to help Investors and Companies get the Highest Return on Investment as Countries Decriminalize Cannabis”

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LATAM Investment Summit – July 2021

“Cannabis Legalization in Mexico”

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Benzinga Fireside Chat – June 2021

“The End of the Mexican Cartel: How Cannabis Legalization will impact the Global Landscape”

  • Patrick Lane, Senior Vice President, Benzinga
  • Lisa Pittman, Partner, Zuber Lawler

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Benzinga Panel – June 2021

“The Companies Driving International Market Growth”

  • Jay Frankovich, Chairman of the Board, STB International
  • Alvaro Torres, CEO, Khiron Life Sciences
  • Antonio Costanzo, CEO, Curaleaf International
  • Oren Shuster, CEO, IM Cannabis

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Investor Hot Seat – May 2021

“Investor Judge”

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Leaf Magazines Global Issue – June 2021

The Global Commodity”

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Real Cannabis Entrepreneur – November 2020

"Cannabis: Uncertainty and Opportunity"

  • Gary George, Founder, Real Cannabis Entrepreneur

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LATAM Investment Summit – July 2020

“It´s Just the Start”

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Leaf Magazines Podcast - April 2021

“Show #115 – Legal Cannabis in Mexico”

  • Wes Abney, Founder
  • Mike Ricker, Founder

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