In 2018-2020, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Hyperion Solutions and its affiliated companies, which at the time, was a leading integrated bioscience and cannabinoid engineering company based in Arcata, CA. In the same period, Hyperion Solutions and Eel River Organics, LLC consolidated their assets and operations into a new venture. Black Legend Capital was appointed as leading advisor of the transaction. Simply Humboldt Organics, a vertically integrated cannabis company, was established as a result of the asset merger.

As a mid-stream operator, Simply Humboldt Organics leveraged its extensive direct partnerships with high quality cultivators to provide top products. These products included their proprietary brand Big Sur, as well as white labeling for several of the dominant brands in the industry.

The company created a unique dab style product, using CO2 as the extraction medium. This method was and still is groundbreaking, due to the difficulties of water removal caused by CO2’s polarity.