Featured Transactions

Featured Transactions


Consumer Products – Kimberly Parry Organics

In 2017, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Kimberly Parry Organics, an organic skin care company, headquartered in Utah. Black Legend Capital assisted the company with its equipment needs by introducing the company to lenders and advised Kimberly Organics on a strategic purchase order for expansion purposes. Kimberly Organics raises awareness and inspires responsibility by providing excellent products that are efficacious, environmentally conscious, and suitable for adults, babies, and pets. Their products are the result of over twenty-five years of R&D on ingredients to deliver safe and effective solutions to the beauty care market.

E-Commerce – YGM Group

In 2017, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to YGM Group, a medical device e-commerce company headquartered in New York, NY. YGM Group specializes in providing medical devices through E-Commerce platforms. The company was expanding beyond e-commerce into further high growth and niche healthcare markets with their other two divisions, WellnessCodes and MedPod. The combination of its three divisions revolutionized the healthcare industry, by promoting the use of wearable electronic trackers, doctor-prescribed remote monitoring home kits, and sophisticated online integrators. At the time of the transaction, YGM worked with a $10 billion company backed by Henry Schein to penetrate the medical industry.

Technology – Flitways Technology

In 2017, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Flitways Technology, a Los Angeles based publicly traded B2B ride-sharing company in the enterprise ground transportation industry. At the time of the transaction, the company offered a convenient, cost-effective ground transportation solution for corporate travelers, and a new source of revenue for travel businesses (airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and more) through its B2B rideshare platform. In April 2017, the company announced a strategic partnership with Lyft to expand its supply and meet exponentially growing demand for corporate ground transportation. Flitways technology had a well-established enterprise clientele, including Amazon, American Express, Samsung, Nintendo, Concur, Xerox, Citrix and HSBC.

Ancillary Cannabis – Solis Tek Digital Lighting

In 2016-2017, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Solis Tek, a California based publicly traded manufacturer of digital lighting and nutritional supplements in the cannabis industry. The company worked closely together with Black Legend Capital to launch a new product line, initiate its marketing campaign, and start its market awareness campaign. At the time of the transaction, it was one of the few companies in the industry able to design/formulate, manufacture, warehouse, sell and distribute both nutrients and lighting together under one roof. The CTO consulted over 200+ commercial cannabis gardens and has provided hydroponic support to both NASA and the DOD.


Consumer Products – Pit Bull Energy Products

In 2016, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor and assisted with bridge loans Pit Bull Energy Drink. Founded in 2002, Hip Hop Beverage Corporation (HHBC) is a consumer energy drink company with a global distribution and recognition in international markets including South Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan, Qatar, Guatemala, Canada and El Salvador. The company was the number one provider of energy drinks to the U.S. Military, with contracts to serve military bases world-wide. Pit Bull Energy Product was the first energy drink approved by the American Diabetes Association as a sugar-free food for diabetic consumers.

Hospitality – Start Development International

In 2016, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Start Development International (SDI), a global hospitality company with the mission to acquire prime properties around the world. SDI provides business development, project financing, architecture, design, and hospitality solutions to revive brands, and promote further development or exit in the marketplace. Its client base spans from the Americas to the Caribbean, connecting travelers with the most desirable locations around the world. Black Legend Capital completed a roll up of several assets to include in SDI.

Healthcare Technology – MediPortal

In 2015-2016, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to MediPortal, a health record platform headquartered in New York. At the time of the transaction, the company sought to compile the complete patient’s medical data in one health data management platform that provides an end-to-end patient experience. The company defines its own space within the health care technology industry, by providing a solution to a major issue, which is not being addressed by conventional EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) companies. After years of development, the company is positioned as a patient engagement platform for healthcare professionals, ranging from simple telemedicine to enterprise care management functions.

Consumer Products – Illegal Restaurant Group

In 2015-2016, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Illegal Restaurant Group, a restaurant chain headquartered in Colorado. This burger brand was founded in 2013, and its mission has been to provide healthy alternatives to fast food restaurants, by serving only all-natural grass-fed beef and organic products. Quadrupling its revenue stream from 2013 to 2014, the company planned to expand nationwide, to capitalize on the high demand for the fast casual food industry.


Consumer Services – TOMII Wellness, Therapeutic Massage Franchise

In 2015, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to TOMII Wellness, a therapeutic massage franchise, headquartered in California. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, the company provides comprehensive and customized treatments in medi-spa centers. In the fast-growing alternative healthcare and wellness market, the company presented an untapped business opportunity to address the origin, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic diseases. At the time of the transaction, TOMII Wellness was operating in three locations in Southern California, aiming to develop a top-notch brand and a franchise with several locations.

Telecommunications – Stone Group

In 2015, Black Legend Capital acted as a consulting advisor to Stone Group, a mobile phone manufacturer headquartered in California. Core businesses are mobile phone refurbishment, handset distribution, and global parts supply. Stone Group is a worldwide business with warehouses in Texas, Florida, and mainland China. At the time of the transaction, their customers included service providers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as mobile phone insurance providers. Their world-class facilities and operations had been awarded with medals from the insurance company, Asurion.